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Google+ ID Card

Create your own Google+ ID card!

You can used this on your web profile ^_^


 Get one Here



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Google Apps for Phone



  • Post to your blog from anywhere Instantly publish posts to your blog or save them as drafts.
  • List view Quickly navigate to blog posts and drafts from an easy-to-read list.
  • Attach photos Include photos in your blog post by taking a picture with your camera within the Blogger app or choosing one from your gallery.
  • Share your location Select your current location from the My Location bar and add it to your post.
  • Share to Blogger Send links and photos directly to your blog by selecting Blogger from the options menu of apps like your web browser and photo gallery.

    Get Now !!
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The faster, simpler, and more secure computer 


Chromebooks are designed to get better with automatic updates. Some of the latest updates include:

New Login Screen

Chromebooks now feature a login page that integrates 2-step verification for those who have enabled the security feature.

Offline Apps

With Gmail Offline and other offline apps, you can now do more with your Chromebook, even when disconnected from the internet.

NTFS Support

Chromebooks now support NTFS (New Technology File System) drives, making it easier to connect your external storage devices


No blue screens or maintenance. The Chromebook just keeps getting better.
Simple means doing more with your Chromebook. The Omnibox at the top doubles as both an address and search bar. The New Tab page makes it easy to visit apps, bookmarks, and most visited site. Additionally, Chromebooks automatically update when you turn them on: all of your apps stay up-to-date, and you get the latest version of the operating system without having to think about it

SecurityNo anti-virus need apply.


Chromebooks run the first consumer operating system designed from the ground up to defend against the ongoing threat of malware and viruses. Chromebooks use the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot. With web storage, your email, photos, documents, and data are stored in the cloud, even if you lose your Chromebook. Multiple logins and Guest Mode allow you to share your Chromebook securely with friends. 


No more missed emails. Get the web everywhere.

With built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, Chromebooks make it easy to get connected anytime and anywhere.* 3G models come with flexible internet plans, including a free introductory mobile plan, so you can keep working on the go. Coupled with long battery life, Chromebooks enable you to be truly mobile - even without a place to stop and plug in. Chromebooks also have Google Cloud Print built in, allowing you to print to any cloud-connected printer from anywhere.

Web apps
No additional software required.
Every Chromebook runs thousands of web apps, from document creators to photo editors to games. New apps are being added daily to the Chrome Web Store, a central marketplace for web apps, extensions and themes. With the power of HTML5, you can now access many of your favorite apps, such as Gmail, during the rare times you are disconnected from the internet. Learn more about web apps.


No waiting.
Chromebooks boot in 8 seconds, and resume instantly. With Chrome Instant built in, web pages that you frequently visit will begin loading as soon as you start typing the URL. Chromebooks also use prerendering technology to load websites faster - for example, with Instant Pages in Google search, certain search results appear to load almost instantly.

Chromebook Specs

Acer and Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Specs at a glance

acer logo
  • 11.6" HD Widescreen CineCrystalTM LED-backlit LCD
  • 2.95 lbs. | 1.34 kg.
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Intel® AtomTM N570 Dual-Core Processor
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB SDD
  • Instant On (eight second boot time)
  • Built in dual-band Wi-Fi and World-mode 3G (optional)
  • HD Webcam with noise cancelling microphone
  • High-Definition Audio Support
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • 4-in-1 memory card slot
  • HDMI port
  • Fullsize Chrome keyboard
  • Oversize fully-clickable trackpad
  • Adobe® Flash® support
Price: $349 Wi-Fi only.
optional world-mode 3G available*
June 15th from Amazon and Best Buy 
samsung logo
  • 12.1" (1280x800) 300 nit Display
  • 3.26 lbs / 1.48 kg
  • 8.5 hours of battery life
  • Intel® AtomTM N570 Dual-Core Processor
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB SDD
  • Instant On (eight second boot time)
  • Built in dual-band Wi-Fi and World-mode 3G (optional)
  • HD Webcam with noise cancelling microphone
  • High-Definition Audio Support
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • 4-in-1 memory card slot
  • Mini-VGA port
  • Fullsize Chrome keyboard
  • Oversize fully-clickable trackpad
  • available in black and white
Price: $429 for the Wi-Fi version, and $499 for the Wi-Fi/3G option. * June 15th from Amazon and Best Buy
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Winamp for Android Free"Now Syncs with Winamp for Mac Sync Beta"

Why Winamp is the Ultimate Media Player For Android
Free Wireless Desktop Syncing
Download the new Winamp for Mac Sync Beta or the Winamp Media Player for PCs to wirelessly sync to your desktop computer. Both desktop applications offer one-click iTunes library & playlist importing.

Persistent Player Controls
Intuitive interface that offers consistent access to player controls, the Winamp home screen & the play queue — a temporary track listing that you can easily manage, sort or save as a playlist.
SHOUTcast Radio
Extend your listening experience beyond your own library. Discover over 45,000 internet radio stations. Search or browse by featured stations, top stations, all genres or recently played.
Widget Player & Shourtcuts
Add playlists or one of the widget players to the Android home screen. Enable playback control from the lock-screen.
Now Playing
Displays song info, swipe-able album art & more. Tap to reveal additional features like artist bios, news, & photos. Integrates with other installed apps on your device
(e.g. Pandora, YouTube and Last.fm).
Supports Scrobbling with the Last.fm app installed. Capturing all of your mobile listening history in real time.

Winamp Pro Bundle Available As An In-App Purchase

Graphic Equalizer
Optimize how your audio sounds with the 10-band graphic EQ. Load a preset or adjust the settings to create your own.
Enriched Audio
The native Winamp playback engine offers enriched audio playback including FLAC playback from the Browse by Folders navigation.
Customizable Home Screen
Move and rearrange the Winamp home screen button to fit your needs. Also add your favorite SHOUTcast station or playlist for quick playback.
Premium Features
Enjoy seamless transitions between songs with Crossfade, minimize the silence between songs with Gapless playback & automatically level the volume between songs with Replay Gain.
Browse By Folders
In addition to browsing your music by Genres, Songs, Albums, & Artists; you can now browse and manage playback directly from your system folders.
Extra SHOUTcast Features
Play any streaming audio URL (supported formats only) by manually entering the station or file address. Get personalized station recommendations based off of your music library.

Winamp for Android Free

  • Now Syncs with Winamp for Mac Sync Beta
  • One-Click iTunes Library Import
  • Free Wireless Syncing
  • SHOUTcast Radio & Free Music
  • Lock-Screen & Widget Players
  • Playlist & Play Queue Management
  • Artist Info Bios, News & More
  • Available in 14 Languages

Get Pro In-App Upgrade Only $4.99

  • 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Browse by Folders
  • Crossfade
  • Gapless Playback
  • Supports FLAC Playback
    (from Browse by Folders)
  • Replay Gain
  • Personalized Station Recommendations
  • Play Any Streaming Audio URL
  • No Ads!

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Super Task Killer FREE



Get it for FREE. Quickly Kill running apps. Free memory up. Save battery powerThis is the fastest & simplest task killer on Android Market. Super Task Killer FREE takes less than 0.1% of your memory!
4 reasons to ‘Kill’ other Task Killer/Task Manager:
+ Not only saves your battery & memory by killing apps but itself uses much less battery than others. This kind of app should be the smallest one on your Android device;
+ Tells you clearly which apps have been killed and how much memory has been recovered;
+ Multiple languages supported such as: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and so on;
+ Supports android phones with Android 2.0/2.1 (Eclair), Android 2.2 (Froyo), Android 2.3+ (Ginger Bread) and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

+ Save battery:
- Some cool games and apps really use up your battery fast, STK kills them with just one click;
- Keep Facebook and Twitter details safe after logging in through a browser. STK will close the browsers completely to protect your account and privacy safe.
+ Speed up phone’s performance:
- It is easy to fill your Android with apps once you first get it, but the more apps you have, the slower your Android will become. STK kills the apps that you aren’t using, thereby freeing up memory to be used by more important apps.
- As some apps always auto start, you can set an auto kill in your STK to regularly kill them!

☆ Features ☆
Download the free Super Task Killer from NetQin to get the following:
+ Task killer, kill running tasks and apps;
+ Auto-kill tasks at set times;
+ One click kill-task widget;
+ Set a different security level of apps or programs running in the background;

**Please note that installing the following apps such as: Advanced Task Killer, ES Task Manager, Automatic Task Killer, Task Manager, Mobo Task Killer, Juice Defender, Battery Booster, RAM Booster & Battery Power Booster together with Android Booster may make your phone unstable or cause potential conflict.**
To search Android Booster FREE, you may try with Key Words: STK, Super Task Killer, Task Killer, Task Manager, Memory, Free Memory, Free Memory Up, Optimizer, Mobile Phone Booster, Battery life, Android Speed, Memory Android, Boost Android, Boost Battery, Kill Apps, Battery Saver, Save Power.

Get it Now!!

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Jefit Workout Routine Database Apps for Android and Iphone

The JEFIT Bodybuilding Application was designed by serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.Get the full JEFIT Experience by utilizing the functions on the JEFIT Website with your FREE JEFIT Account.


Workout Routine Planner

- User friendly workout routine manager.
- Easily create own workout routines base on built-in exercises or custom exercises.
- Ability to setup Super-Set Exercises.
- Adjustable sets for each exercise.
- Support multiple routines. Easily switch among Bulking,Cutting,General and Sport Specific routines.

Smart Logging System

- Automatic input weight and reps when you doing exercises.
- Automatic record your 1RM (1 rep maximum) for each set.
- Automatic save your best lifting record for each exercise.
- Calendar mode to view your logs detail easily.
- Scrolling list for changing weight and reps

Two-Way Synchronization

- Synchronize your iPhone Data with your FREE Online Profile.
- Store information and data on the JEFIT Server.
- No need to log into website to record data.
- Recover information in an instant
- Synchronize to download routines onto your phone

Quick Timer Feature

- Quick Timer Feature added to the Log Creation Page
- Allow users to set a quick timer after they perform an exercise
- Ability to perform an extra set without modifying setup for sets

Progress Tracking System

- Graphic chart for tracking both body stats and lifting stats
- Tracking weight,body fat, height, chest, waist, arms, shoulders, forearms,neck,hip,thighs and Calves
- Tracking six benchmark exercises.
- Auto-calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Detailed Exercise Database

- Built-in hundreds of weight training exercises categorized by body parts
- Search Function allows for ease of finding and searching for exercises
- Contain 500+ exercise instruction and tips
- Contain 500+ exercise animations
- Instant Workout Function allows for users to perform an exercise without having to edit routine

Targeted Repetitions

- Target Reps Functions allow for users to set goals for amount of repetitions to be performed for each exercise
- Ability to switch between Target Reps and Last Logs
- Set Workouts with Default Sets, Repetitions and Rest Timer

Resting Timer

- Adjustable resting timer between sets.
- Reminder for what exercise need to do next.
- Show previous training logs of the incoming exercise while taking break.

- The creation of a FREE Online JEFIT Profile

- Most User Friendly UI (User Interface)

- New updates and features every month.

- And many more other features waiting for your to explore.


Register and get FREE

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Sony VAIO Z series VPC-Z390X

Sony VAIO Z series VPC-Z390X
  • Pros
    The most powerful ultraportable. Switchable graphics. Excellent performance and gaming scores. Incredibly light. Internal optical drive can be swapped out for a Blu-ray one. Supports dual SSD drives. Excellent resolution. Backlit keyboard. Excellent navigating experience.
An upscale 13-inch laptop to give even the MacBook Air a run for its money, Sony's Vaio Z is fast, slim, and light, and includes a docking station with an optical drive and discrete graphics.

The bad: Even though this updated version of the Vaio Z is less expensive than the previous model we reviewed, it's still a premium-priced laptop. We'd almost rather skip the GPU dock and hit a more ultrabook-style price.Average battery life. No cellular modem.

  • Bottom Line
    With a Core i5 processor, SSDs, and switchable graphics, the Sony VAIO VPC-Z116GXS is hands-down the lightest and most powerful ultraportable money can buy.
    With slim 13-inch SSD laptops now well under $1,000, Sony's expensive, high-end Z series laptop is a tough sell, although the long-life slice battery and unique GPU/optical dock help make its case.

    The stand-alone GPU dock is still a unique feature, and if you're looking for an ultrabook-like laptop that can play serious games, it's got that market locked up. But beyond that, the Vaio Z is a very, very expensive example of what we sometimes call an executive laptop--as in, only the CEO gets one to show off how important he is.

    Price as reviewed / starting price $1,999 / $1,649
    Processor 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-2450M
    Memory 4GB, 1333MHz DDR3
    Hard drive 128GB SSD
    Chipset Intel HM65
    Graphics Intel HD3000
    Operating system Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
    Dimensions (WD) 13.0 x 8.2 inches
    Height 1.3 - 1.5 inches
    Screen size (diagonal) 0.66 inch
    System weight / weight with AC adapter 2.5/3.6 pounds
    Category 13-inch laptop
    The slim, black carbon fiber body of the Sony Vaio Z is essentially unchanged from the 2011 version of the system, and my aesthetic reaction remains largely the same. The matte-black finish and slatelike chassis look and feel very high-end, although all the various joints and seams stand in contrast to Apple's unibody construction.

    A few oddities make the Vaio Z feel clunkier than it should. Our package (which included the optional slice battery) had two separate AC adaptors, only one of which--the larger one--fits the docking station. The stiff proprietary cable that connects the two components eats up the onboard USB 3.0 (but is replaced by another USB 3.0 port on the docking station), and it's short, so you can't place the dock more than a few inches away.
    The flat-topped keyboard used here has the now-standard island-style layout, which Sony has been using for years (along with Apple and a few others). Because the body of the laptop is so thin, the actual keys are extremely shallow, even more so than on most ultrabooks. You can get used to it, but it may not ever be a favorite for long-form writing. The keyboard is, however, thankfully backlit.
    The touch pad seemed fine in the mid-2011 version of this laptop, but since then, several low-cost ultrabooks have included much larger touch surfaces. The smaller pad here has a subtle patterned texture, with attached, but nontextured, mouse button zones separated by a fingerprint reader. Despite wanting a bigger pad, the multitouch gestures, such as the two-finger scroll, worked better on this system than on nearly any Windows laptop I've tried.

    The native resolution of the 13.1-inch display is 1,600x900 pixels, which is exactly where a high-end 13-inch should be. The last Vaio Z we tested included an upgraded 1,920x1,080-pixel display--as high as mainstream laptop screens get. On a 1080p screen, text could be so small it was hard to read, so that's one add-on that you can safely skip (even though it's only $100). For personal use, the onboard audio, with Dolby Home Theater technology, is fine, but immersive gaming or cinephile video watching would be better served with a set of high-end headphones.

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    Working Manga Site

    Ok.. since SOPA starts many website close their site due to licensed are not available.
    If you don't know about SOPA you can read here..

    There are Two Manga Website still open here they are...

    1. Manga123

    Happy Reading.. Cheers!!..
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    Globe Fair Usage Policy Againts to their ads "Resist" Limitation

    Hello!!  do you experience a low speed net with full bar Globe Signal ?..

     We have the same problem the thing is to many subscribers are using the tower in your location so the  signal is congested  Globe don't action for this so they keep saying they have "Fair Usage Policy" which is 800mb limit,which is against  to their Advertise "Resist" the Limitation, Unlimited Surfing. Its a very clever ads as you read "Surfing" not "Download".. So people are confuse about their Advertisement . Their Plan is not "SULIT" or getting more than we need for..People are not  just Surfing  People loves to "Download" . Download your favorite DVD rip movie or playing your favorite Online Games with less PING. The Philippine is always late.. how can we have more fun? No FREE public WiFi.
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    How to Unhide and share Hot Spot Shield VPN

    This Tutorial enables you to share you "HotSpotShield VPN Malware Protection"

    As we know only Tap32 Adapter Shows only in Network Connection.If you go to CMD type "ipconfig/all" you can view the Anchorfree HSS Adapter
     but hidden on Network Connection so this the problem why you cannot share your secured vpn network

    To share this hidden VPN we must unhide this Ghost adapter
    How to do that?
    We Remove the Tap adapter and Reinstall it with new modified driver that change the "Characteristic Value"

    From 89 to 81 like the character Value of Local Area Network Adapter

     Method 1
    This the OemWin2k file at the driver open it with a notepad or wordpad

    ;                             Driver Section (Done)

    ;----------------- Characteristics ------------
    ;    NCF_PHYSICAL = 0x04
    ;    NCF_VIRTUAL = 0x01
    ;    NCF_HIDDEN = 0x08
    ;    NCF_NO_SERVICE = 0x10
    ;    NCF_HAS_UI = 0x80
    ;----------------- Characteristics ------------

       CopyFiles       = taphss.driver, taphss.files
       AddReg          = taphss.reg
       AddReg          = taphss.params.reg
       Characteristics = 0x89

    change 89 to 81 then Save.

    Other method is editing  the win registry, go to run in Win XP or search in Win7 type "regedit"
    then ctrl+f  type Anchorfree HSS Adapter.

    Find the "Character" change the value to 81 refresh.. press F5

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    10 things you should know about sexual harassment

    Sexual harassment can hurt your organization, its culture, and your employees. Here are some ways it can affect your company, along with several things you can do to prevent or deal with it.

    Impact on the organization

    1: Cost

    If a sexual harassment action arises against your organization, the costs could be high if the case goes to trial. In 2009, a jury in Puerto Rico awarded a former company employee $965,999 because of inappropriate behavior by her boss. In 2006, a jury in Missouri awarded a woman $6.8 million because of numerous comments her supervisor made to her about her body or about sex.
    However, even if a matter settles outside of court, your organization will still probably have to pay the other side, as well as your own attorneys. According to a 1994 report [PDF] by U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), sexual harassment cost the U.S. government $327 million between 1992 and 1994.

    2: Negative publicity

    If a sexual harassment matter causes your organization’s name to be on the front page of your local newspaper or to become a trending topic on Twitter, people are bound to react negatively. Customers or clients might take their business elsewhere.

    3: Productivity and morale

    Left unchecked, sexual harassment will kill productivity and morale. According to the MSPB report, individual and workgroup productivity losses totaled almost $200 million between 1992 and 1994. Such productivity losses include time spent worrying about harassing behavior, avoiding a harasser, and discussing the problem with coworkers.

    4: Turnover and absenteeism

    Turnover and absenteeism will increase as people seek to avoid harassing behavior or experience stress because of it. The MSPB study concluded that turnover and absenteeism cost $40 million between 1992 and 1994.

    Dealing with sexual harassment

    5: Recognize the types

    Federal law defines sexual harassment occurs in two ways. The first is the quid pro quo: A harasser demands sexual favors in return for keeping or advancing in a job, receiving a salary increase, or other job-related matters. The second is the hostile work environment: A situation where behavior or words are of a sexual nature to such a degree that the workplace becomes intimidating, offensive, or hostile.
    One type of harassment can exist without the other, or they can appear simultaneously. Examples of a hostile work environment include the sending of offensive email, the display of inappropriate photos, or the conducting of inappropriate conversations.
    At the federal level, sexual harassment matters fall under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because it is considered a form of discrimination based on sex. Sexual harassment is covered under state law as well.

    6: Develop an enforceable policy

    Make sure that you have a policy that addresses the issue. The policy should define sexual harassment and outline acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Most important, the policy should state the consequences for those who violate it.
    Once the policy is in place, make sure that it is enforced. The complete lack of a policy, or else the failure to enforce it, could be ammunition for the other side. They could argue, for example, that you were negligent in not having or not enforcing a policy.

    7: Implement a reporting procedure

    Create a procedure by which employees can report sexual harassment. This procedure must not only be in place, but it must be made known to employees. To the greatest extent possible, the procedure should protect the confidentiality of the person who makes the report. The procedure should also, to the greatest extent possible, attempt to protect that person from reprisals. Investigation of complaints should occur as soon as possible.

    8: Provide training

    On a regular basis, conduct training for your organization. Such training may deter those who are bent on engaging in sexual harassment by making them aware of the legal and career consequences. Such training can also benefit those who do not intentionally engage in such behavior, by making them aware that their actions could be interpreted that way.

    9: Monitor the office

    Keep in tune with what is going on in your office. In particular, watch for the inappropriate behavior, photos, or email. If employees know that management is engaged in such monitoring, the chances that sexual harassment will occur will be lowered.

    10: Investigate complaints

    Take complaints seriously. Get as much detail as you can from the person: Who the offending party is, when and where the incidents occurred, and the nature of the incidents. Afterward, talk to the other person and get his or her side of the story. When you do, be as objective as possible and avoid jumping to conclusions or being judgmental. Keep the investigation confidential and remind all parties of your sexual harassment policy, in particular any non-retaliation provisions it might include.

    Source: TechRepub by Calvin Sun
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    Asus Zenbook a copy of MacBook Air

    In late 2011, Asus launched their Zenbook series of Ultrabooks. These super-thin machines, offer more processing power than netbooks, but weigh less than traditional laptops. They are designed to be a Windows alternative to Apple’s MacBook Air.
    And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Asus must love the Air. In many ways, the Zenbook is nearly identical to Apple’s ultra-thin MacBook. Both machines use an aluminum unibody design. Their exterior dimensions, weight, and wedge-shaped cases are strikingly similar. But it’s the machines’ interior hardware layouts that are most interesting. As I outline in the Analysis section below and in the video, the layouts are mirror images of each other.

    MacBook Air clone?

    Clones aren’t a new concept in the computer market, and there are only so many ways to arrange hardware inside a case. If the Zenbook merely looked like the Air on the outside, I wouldn’t label it a blatant copy. But the internal designs are so much alike, I can’t think of a more appropriate description. Apple may feel the same way.
    Earlier this week, the Chinese-language Commercial Times (Google Translate) ran a story that Apple pressured Pegatron, which builds the Zenbook for Asus, to stop producing the laptop. According to the story, Pegatron wants to maintain a good working relationship with Apple as the company is working with them to assemble the iPhone and iPad 3. Pegatron will stop producing the Zenbook in March, the report said.
    Several tech media outlets picked up the story on Tuesday. CNET’s Brooke Crothers wondered if Apple was “becoming uneasy about the crush of Windows ultrabooks hitting the market?” But, ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes isn’t sure the story rings true. To date, Apple, Asus, and Pegatron have all been silent on the matter.
    Even if there’s no truth to the Commercial Times story, I can understand why Apple might be a little disturbed by the Zenbook’s design–both inside and out.

    Full teardown gallery: Cracking Open the Asus Zenbook UX21 ultrabook
     The Zenbook is available in 11-inch (UX21) and 13-inch (UX31) models and a variety of hardware configurations. Our Asus Zenbook UX21E-DH71 cost $1,149.99 (excluding tax and shipping). It has a 1.80GHz Intel Core i7-2677M processor, 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM, 128GB solid state drive, 11.6″ HD LED LCD (1366 x 768), 802.11 b/g/n WLAN and BT support, and 0.3MP HD webcam. The 11-inch Zenbook measures 7.7″ (H) x 11.7″ (W) x 0.7″ (D) and weighs 2.4 pounds.

    Cracking Open Analysis

    • Good build quality: I criticized Asus for internal design and assembly problems with a Transformer Prime tablet I tested. I saw none of the same issues on our Zenbook. Overall,
    • Relatively easy to service: The case doesn’t require any special tools to open, just a Torx T5 screwdriver. Once you’re inside, you can remove most components with a Phillips #0 screwdriver. Those who are comfortable working on computers should have no trouble with the Zenbook.
    • No membrane beneath the keyboard: Acer did the same thing on their Aspire S3 ultrabook, but Apple did include one on the Air.
    • Nearly identical to the MacBook Air: The Zenbook’s internal design is nearly identical to the MacBook Air’s hardware layout. There’s a large battery in the front, with speakers on either side. The motherboard and a smaller IO board run along the back edge and are separated by the cooling fan. And, the SSD is mounted to the motherboard just below the CPU and Platform Controller Hub.

    Internal hardware

    Our Asus Zenbook UX21E-DH71 test machine has the following hardware:
    • 1.8GHz Intel Core i7-2677M processor (E89391 01 IC2 / V137A416 / 2V130164A1260 SR0D2)
    • Intel BD82UM67 Platform Controller Hub (E78296 01PP15 / E135B084 SLJ4K)
    • 4GB Elpida 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (J4216BASE-DJ-F x 8)
    • AzureWave AW-NB086 WLAN/BT card
    • 128GB ADATA XM11 SSD
    • 0.3 MP webcam
    • ELAN touchpad controller (33200V-3600 1139 BW118V1)
    • 11.6″ ()
    • 7.4V 4,800mAh, 35Wh Li-Polymer Battery Pack (C23-UX21)
    • Realtek ALC269 High Definition Audio Codec with Embedded Class D Speaker Amplifier
    • Texas Instruments BQ24740 Multi-Cell Synchronous Switch-mode Battery Charger (BQ 24740 TI 171 A3NR G4)
    • Fresco Logic FL1000 single port PCI Express to USB 3.0 host controller chip (FL1009-2Q0 KYTG9-000 1122B15A)
    • ITE Tech IT8572G 1137-AXS DCEKSB (likely and embedded controller)
    • Fairchild FDMC7696 30V N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET (FBKFJ FDMC 7696)
    • Fairchild FDMC0310AS (PBKAF FDMC 0310AS)
    • Macronix MX25L3206E 32M-BIT CMOS serial flash (MXIC IC MX25L3206E M2I-12G 7A470000 L113498)
    • Richtek RT8166B (RT8166B ZQW DGJ10)
    • Richtek RT8206A High-Efficiency, Main Power Supply Controller for Notebook Computers (RT8206A GQW DHV08)

    Source: Tech Repub by Bill Detwiler

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