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Opera Mini Mobile Malware

Opera Mini Mobile Malware

There is a new variant of the OpFake mobile malware making the rounds, and this version comes bundled with a version of the legitimate Opera Mini mobile browser. The malware targets Android phones and steals money from victims by sending SMS messages without the user's knowledge to premium-rate numbers and also collects data about the device it infects.
Researchers at GFI Labs discovered the new variant of OpFake in recent days, and found that, unlike older versions of the malware that disguised itself as Opera Mini, this version actually downloads a copy of the mobile browser. The attackers have set up a fake Opera Mini Web site that encourages users to download the browser. Clicking on the link on the site begins the installation routine for the malware, downloading a package called "opera_mini_65.apk".


Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 11:56 PM

Blackhat USA 2012 Conference - Pushing Past Intrusion Tolerance, Cutting Edge Research

The Blackhat 2012

The Blackhat 2012 keynote started the event with Shawn Henry, former Executive Assistant Director of the Fbi, painting a grim, seemingly unspeakable picture of cyberespionage in the US. It was interesting that he continually spoke about the gravity of the situation and the need to apply what he learned at the Fbi to protecting digital assets, but he couldn't describe a single concrete example. At the same time, other than a weapon of mass destruction, he claimed that cyber threats are the single biggest problem facing this nation. This inability to convey concrete details during the Blackhat keynote only highlights some of the problem in understanding the cyber problem. And it's the problem of overclassification of computer network exploitation (CNE) incidents and a tangled set of dynamics that silence breach data sharing and exchange. There is a long way to go here to fixing it.


Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 11:53 PM

Twitter malware warning: It's you on photo? or It's about you?

Twitter malware warning: It's you on photo? or It's about you?

Summary: A new piece of malware is spreading on Twitter by getting users to click on a link that allegedly features a photo of them. There is no such photo on the other end.

Twitter malware warning: It's you on photo? or It's about you?
Security researchers have discovered a new Twitter scam campaign that is spreading quickly across the social network by claiming to be a photo of the victim. Please be warned: there is no photo. There are, however, individuals very interested in putting the Blackhole exploit kit onto your computer (note: this is not the first time Twitter users are specifically being targeted, and it certainly won't be the last).
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 11:51 PM

Samsung WB850F WiFi Camera

Samsung WB850F WiFi Camera

  • 21x Optical Zoom
  • GPS Built-in Map
  •  16 MP CMOS Sensor
  • WiFi Connectivity                                            (SNS Upload,Email,PC,Aitobackup,Remote Viewfinder,Mobile Link,TV Link)
  • 3"AMOLED
  • Full HD Movie (1080p)

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 4:41 AM

TIPS! BUY Cannon Product with RED Sticker

TIPS! BUY Cannon Product with RED Sticker

Look for the RED sticker on the box flap to make sure you have a legitimate Canon Product. 

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 4:39 AM

Facebook Pop Out Page Like Button For Your Blog!!

Facebook Pop Out Page Like Button For Your Blog!!

Pop Out Like Box attract your visitor to click it and get more fans.
there is a a X button if they want it to close.

How To Add In Blogspot?
1.) Go To Your www.blogger.com
2.) Open Your Desire Blog.
3.) Go To Layout.

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 4:37 AM

GOOGLE AND FIREFOX Join the 2012 London Olympics Opening

GOOGLE AND FIREFOX Join the 2012 London Olympics Opening

Visitors to Google's homepage were greeted with a doodle of young athletes taking part in various games in the London Games.

The 2012 Games are to start on July 27 when the opening ceremony is held, and end on August 12.

Letters that spell out the word "Google" are used in the sports where the athletes in the doodle excel.

On doodle included football, swimming, running/jumping, javelin throw, fencing and basketball.

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 4:35 AM

Samsung DV300F a WiFi Camera

Samsung DV300F a WiFi Camera

  • Dual LCD (1.5" Front LCD)
  • 5x Zoom
  • 16 Megapixels
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • (SNS Upload, Email, PC Autobackup, Remote Viewfinder, Mobile Link,TV Link)
  • F2.5 Bright Lens
  • HD Movie Recording (720/30p)
  • Motion Photo

Other Feature:

  • Live Panorama-Sweep across and take a vertical or horizontal panorama shots.
  • Magic Frame- Turn picture into an old photo still or put a friend's face on a billboard background.
  • Picture in a Picture-Insert a picture within another picture or embedded a video clip on a still photo.
  • Split Shot- Merge up to 3 different images and create an artistic statement.
  • Motion Picture- You can freeze time around a moving subject to create enchanting images. Capture a friend dancing while everyone else around him is still as statue.

The Samsung SMART Camera WB150F is available nationwide and retails at   P9,990

I did check the Price on SM City of San Fernando. cheaper than Samsung WB150F

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 4:33 AM

Handy Cafe Free Internet Cafe Software

Handy Cafe Free Internet Cafe Software

There are many computer shop now  a days.. some are still on manual timer on a log book. Many have software but crack version. But this Handy Cafe is Free you can Register as many as you want client.

HandyCafe is 100% free! There are no limitations.
All ad (banner) fields, browser's start pages and start-up pages are belong to Ates Software (HandyCafe). Your customers can start using internet immediately without asking your assist. 

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 4:01 AM

My Second Eye Shopping @ SM City fo San Fernando

My Second Eye Shopping @ SM City fo San Fernando 


This I have a customer who want me to buy him a Wireless Router, He take my advice to  used CD RKING Wireless Router that only Php780.00 so I did buy him.

While Buying I look around on the 3rd floor some Item are new for me.

This one is a 3G Pocket WiFi a replacement for you Smart Bro or Globe Tattoo Broadband.
And its a OPEN-LINE so you can insert any Sim on it!!

Read More here:http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/07/my-second-eye-shopping-sm-city-fo-san.html

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 3:57 AM

Facebook virus warning: Massive children charity scam

Facebook virus warning: Massive children charity scam
Security researchers have discovered a new variant of the Citadel malware that injects itself into your Facebook webpages and demands that you make a donation to a fake charity for sick children. Please be warned: there are no children charities that will ask you for a donation via Facebook. There are, however, individuals very interested in stealing your credit card number and other personal information (note: this is not the first time Facebook users are specifically being targeted, and it certainly won't be the last).

ReadMore Here: http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/07/facebook-virus-warning-massive-children.html

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 3:54 AM

Citadel Malware Virus Kidnapped a PC and asked for Ransom

Scam Warning: Citadel Malware Delivers Reveton Ransomware in Attempts to Extort Money

There is new kind of kidnapping  LOL! its true ...Virus kidnap a PC.

A virus named Reveton  the ransomware lures the victim to a drive-by download website,once installed and lock it for violating United States federal law. The message declares the user's IP address was identified by Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section as visiting  child pornography and other illegal content..

Readmore here : http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/07/scam-warning-citadel-malware-delivers.html

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 3:53 AM

Stem Cell Treatments Now in The Philippines

The Makati Medical Center has this new way of medical treatment for cancer and some decease like diabetis.

Read More here->>>>>>http://blogmytuts.blogspot.com/2012/07/stem-cell-treatments-now-in-philippines.html
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 3:33 AM

self adjustable eye glasses

No need to buy new Eye Glasses just Adjust it !!! Why buy for new expensive Eye Glass


Read Here for More..->>>blogmytuts.blogspot.com

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 3:30 AM

WiFi Camera Samsung WB150F vs Canon PowerShot SX240HS.(Gadget Addict Must Have)

Since People are mostly active to social network and they want to upload quickly there photo's and videos this cool gadgets they may want to have

READ Here ->>>>blogmytuts.blogspot.com
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 3:27 AM

My Personal Encounter (Experience)

Hey Guys If want to read about my personal Experience that are not posted here.. You cant Go to my Newly made Blog.. Blogmytuts "The Homeless Blogger "

Why Homeless see the About me ..

Some content here I already transfer to blogmytuts ... If don't know how to transfer all content and comments you can read here...->>Blogmytuts

Thank You For Reading this blognizend it was my first blog since I work from a computer shop after I graduated High School..

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 1:53 AM

Google's Nexus 7 A treat for Apple's Tab

Google's Nexus 7 The IPad for $200

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is selling out making the company a potential threat to Apple in the hardware business. And it's not the only one looking to cut into Apple's dominance.Knocking hard on Apple's door

Google's Nexus 7 tablet has finally been released, a mere few weeks after its announcement at and already it's sold out at several major retailers.  The IPad for $200

Read more Here why you want to buy it..
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 1:42 AM


The new iPad, finally released in China. But with just a handful of ShenZhen Boys lining up to get their hands on Apple's wonder tablet, they're not exactly ripping the doors open. This trickle is a far... They route from Hongkong then ride a Train to China mainland..

Read About The New iPad
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 1:41 AM

Marissa Mayer gets $70m pay package to lead Yahoo

Marissa Mayer gets $70m pay package to lead Yahoo

Sat, 21 July 2012

Marissa Mayer

New Yahoo Chief Executive  compensation package could total more than $70 million in salary, bonuses, restricted stock and stock options over five years, according to a regulatory filing made by the company. Mayer's pay package is made up of $1 million in annual salary, as much as $2 million in an annual bonus, and $42 million in stock options and other awards, as well as $14 million in "make whole restricted options" for forfeiture of compensation from Google Inc.
Also, by including some stock grants, Mayer could earn up to a total of $20 million a year, or up to $100 million over five years, a Yahoo spokeswoman said. As the first female Google engineer and one of its earliest employees, Mayer's net worth is already estimated to be as much as $300 million. Yahoo's hiring of Mayer as CEO from Google earlier this week caught analysts and investors by surprise. Mayer, 37, edged out presumed front runner and acting CEO Ross Levinsohn to become Yahoo's third CEO in a year.
Industry observers believe Mayer's selection over Levinsohn is a signal that Yahoo is likely to renew its focus on Web technology and products rather than beefing up online content.
Her appointment caps a tumultuous year at Yahoo. In May, Scott Thompson resigned as CEO after less than 6 months in the job after a controversy over his academic credentials. Thompson replaced the controversial Carol Bartz, who was fired in September after failing to revitalise Yahoo.
Thompson's total compensation at hire was valued at $27 million. He got no severance but was able to keep the $7 million in compensation he got for leaving Paypal. Bartz got more than $10 million in severance when she was fired last year.
A self-described "geek" with a master's degree in computer science from Stanford, Mayer started as CEO on Tuesday, the same day Yahoo announced weak financial results, with flat net revenue and a slight decline in second-quarter profit.
Although she was on the company's sprawling Sunnyvale, California, campus, she did not participate in its earnings call. Levinsohn was also absent from the call, which was led by Yahoo's Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse.
Mayer joins Yahoo as something of a celebrity, having already established herself as one of Silicon Valley's leading women, both inside and outside of the office. She is known for her love of fashion and regularly appears on the society pages for hosting parties. In 2009 she married real estate investor Zachary Bogue — Mayer tweeted that the couple expects their first child, a boy, in October. — Reuters

-Disclaimer Contents are from Reuters other Site already a copy of it.. 
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 1:38 AM

Android on Windows PC TouWave

I just find out this on Facebook group I join and its very interesting..

YouWave allows you to run  android apps store stores on your Windows pc.

Watch there video introduction..

Key Technical Features

Supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread (new)
Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit
Simulated SD card functionality - enables game saving
Saved State - enables fast restart
Enables multi-player online games
Dynamic rotating - phone-like instant response (new)
Volume control buttons (new)
Retractable control panel (new

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 12:57 AM

Domain Customization Simplified

Domain Customization Simplified

Domain is  the best if you have it ,having "youblogname".com

Your blog name increase your identity and get more traffic.

Its now simplified with Go Daddy.com

Go Daddy created a handy tool that simplifies the process and makes it possible to redirect your blogspot domain to a custom Go Daddy domain with the click of a button. 
      Just 10$ for 1yr + Google Apps that really Amazing!!

You can find this tool at the Basic Setting

You can Read more Here for More info
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 4:37 AM

Makati City Hall will be a free Wi-Fi zone

Starting Thursday, July 12, the Makati City Hall will be a free Wi-Fi zone as part of the city government's plan to make Makati the country's first wi-fi city.
Its been long time I post a Free Internet but this one is legally FREE Internet. this was dated July 12  already post in many site..

The launch of the free wi-fi zone coincides with the birthday of Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr., who plans to install free wi-fi in all the city's 33 villages.
“We are laying the foundation for transforming Makati into the country’s first wireless city.  We recognize that embracing modern technology is the fastest way to achieve inclusive progress and equitable growth in this age of globalization,” Binay said.
He said the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) will be the city’s project partner and Internet service provider.
Also on Thursday, the city government will launch a Twitter account focusing on Makati Traffic.
The Twitter account @MakatiTraffic seeks to provide motorists and commuters real-time 24-hour traffic updates.
Meanwhile, the city will also relaunch the city web portal and hold a mega job fair and discount caravan at the City Hall Quadrangle.
It will also offer a P1-discount on jeepney fares from 8 a.m. to noon, offered by members of the Unified Transport Federation of Makati as their birthday gift to the mayor. — TJD, GMA News

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 12:12 AM

The Grand Opening of SM City of San Fernando July 20, 2012

The Grand Opening of SM City of San Fernando July 20, 2012

Today July 20, 2012  is the Grand Opening of SM City of San Fernando.. 6 floor Building Parking Lot at the 5 and 6 floor with Helicopter Pod. for security reason I don't have a permission to take a photo on the Helicopter of the owner of SM. but I saw it on the 6th floor

There are to many people line up!!

People looks like a Sardine in can on the "escalator"

To bad i didn't catch the FREE Pizza Hut!! 

3rd Floor

On the 3rd floor I visit the CD R-KING and here what I saw..

Crimping tool for P150 pesos!! the last i bought crimping tool has a price of P700.And a Tester that I bought 4 yrs ago P1000 pesos now P280.

A RJ45 TESTER or Cable Tester last I bought was P450 now P180.

This GOT catch my Eye!! 3G Mobile WiFi Broad Router..

I was walking and saw a crawdad people with cameras, I look around..

THE HUMAN Manikins... They are real People but they really manage to do NO move!!

Model are really Beautiful and Handsome!..

Oops!!... that not my hand and Cam lol!

I saw a Store using QR- Code I already post about QR- Code

Even on Cinema Ticketing there is a QR -Code , But the Cinema here has Finger Print Scanner if you wan't to go out the Cinema, No more "Stamp Mark" on your hands.

"The Mang Inasal  Blessing" I just past them.. :)

I'm disappointed on the IT  place so I didn't take a shoot because only Cellphone and less Computer Gadgets displayed.

OK that's all ..there are GMA artist coming but my stomach says: Lets GO Home!! 

I have Only 20 pesos left in my pocket LOL I just do "eye shopping" patingin tingin di naman makabili...

- Homeless Blogger  
Jaime Lacson
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 11:50 PM



I have two  Blogger I really Idolize on how they make money online. Off curse who doesn't want to be abillionaire online. Like the song of Bruno Mars "Billionaire".

1. Carl Ocab " The Kid blogger"

Carl Ocab was 14 yrs old when he start blogging and make money online

At first he was a kid likes playing games spend money and time on games, something just pop up on her mind when his dad introduce the blogging- make money on blogging. He Created a tons of blog from copy paste other content from other blog and make money. But in the long run Google deleted them and reported as SPAM. 

Myself has been experience this in fact this is my 3rd blog, but Google din't deleted my blog instead the disabled my AdSense Account.

Now he has a own domain and start blogging  a" Light Bulb" like hes said

In the long run if you search Google for the keyword “make money online”. His blog it hit the frontpage, This was the beginning to get some targeted traffic so he opened his blog to advertisers and that was the start of him getting an extra $x,xxx/month aside. You can check his blog and get some TIPS on how to Make Money Online you can download a master plan by subscribing on his blog.

Picture from Manila Bulletin Cute but evil inside..

2. Abe Olandres "The YugaTech"

Abe Olandres, has been blogging since 2000, just a few months after graduating from the Ateneo de Manila University with a BS in Chemistry and Computer Engineering.He is more commonly know in the blogosphere and IT circles as “Yuga” and has been professionally blogging at YugaTech since 2005, the same year he went full time making a living from his blogs. He’s also a guest blogger at GMANews.tv and included in T3 Magazine‘s list of influential people in the Philippine techbiz.
A serial technopreneur, Yuga started getting into internet ventures back in 2003 after founding a local web hosting business. He has now expanded into consulting, internet marketing, advertising and organizing conferences (Search Engine Marketing Conference). He’s been to several countries (Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan) moderating seminars/workshops on blogging and new media (complete list of talks/workshops here). Yuga is also regularly tapped as resource person on TV and print. A partial list of media mentions and appearances can be found here.

http://www.yugatech.com/ is a technology blog of Abe Olandres or Yuga covering the local Philippines' IT industry mostly about reviews on IT products. His been featured blogger on Nuffnang ads Philippnes.

For my own opinion having your own domain is very important, for a starter like me blogspot.com is the to success!! If your earn dollars then we can have are own domain "Give Value and Market the Value" as Kidblogger say.
Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 8:28 PM
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