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SamsungGalaxy Note 4 is now facing Gapgate as customers report

Galaxy Note 4 was released last September 26

Apple just experienced Bendgate with reports of its iPhone 6 Plus facing bending issues. Samsung is now facing Gapgate as customers report Galaxy Note 4 has a gap defect around its display. 

The gap in their device is thick enough to fit 2 sheets of A4 bond papers or a slightly thicker business card. It may seem like a harmless design issue, but it might affect the internals of the Note 4 in the long run since dust, lint, and even water could easily penetrate the device

It’s not clear how widespread the issue is, considering that Samsung’s South Korean Galaxy Note 4 launch day sales amounted to around 30,000 units, or all available stock Samsung had on hand, but apparently the company is aware of the issue.

 Considering that Samsung has rushed Galaxy Note 4 launch, at least in its home country, to better counter the iPhone 6 record sales, it’s likely this screen separation issue is a limited manufacturing problem that will be corrected before it becomes Samsung’s “Gapgate,” or something similar, once the handset launches in more markets next month.

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Microsoft Introduce Windows 10 , Skips Windows 9

San Francisco – 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific, 6pm UK — Microsoft will unveil Windows 10 NOT Windows 9. The event is expected to focus on the changes to Windows 10 that will affect Desktop and enterprise users, though Microsoft might also show off some of the changes to the Metro/mobile side of things.

 But sadly, it seems Microsoft won’t be providing a live video stream.
I stay tune on live blog  theverge.com
"After the Build conference, mid next year" for Windows 10 release.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview will be made available tomorrow, for laptops and desktops. Servers will follow after that. It’s part of a new thing called the Windows Insider Program.

The Technical Preview will be available here: http://preview.windows.com/. 

Why Microsoft Skip to to Windows 10 ?
Belfiore: This product, when you see the product in your fullness I think you'll agree with us that it's a more appropriate name.

Belfiore is demonstrating windowed apps , for Windows 7 users to get the benefit of the new apps.
"In Windows 8 when users launched a modern app, it sort of had a different environment.
As users start using these apps they should just feel familiar and work in a way you'd expect with a mouse and keyboard.The tiles and icons that are shown are a blend of classic apps and new universal apps"

DEMO Windows 10 Preview  built Running on 9841


  If you look at Windows 8 users on touch devices, they have higher satisfaction than those on Windows 7 devices. Windows 7 users have higher satisfaction on mouse and keyboard devices than Windows 8.

Watch Windows VP Joe Belfiore talk about some of the features in Windows 10, like the new Start menu, multiple desktops, and improved multi-tasking. Learn how you can be part of creating the best Windows yet with the Tech Preview and the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 10 isn’t finished yet—it will launch in mid-2015

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The race to the thinnest, lightest device, doesn't necessarily work well

Perhaps the race to the thinnest, lightest device, doesn't necessarily work well when also making it enormous. iPhone 6 Plus

Note to self: when wearing my hipster skinny jeans, place 6 plus in gold fanny pack

Some jeans are just too tight for Apple’s new larger iPhones, but even if you can squeeze it in a pocket, don’t try sitting down or it might get bent.

Despite insurance company finding new iPhones are most durable yet, users discover that pockets can warp them - and hands too if you try hard enough

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bending
Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are bending while being carried in user pockets. Photograph: Lewis Hilsenteger/Unbox Therapy/YouTube

The bigger screens but thinner bodies of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models have come at the cost of rigidity, according to owners who say they bent while being carried in trouser pockets.

A number of users across various forums, sites and Twitter have reported – and pictured – that their phones have become warped after they sat or bent down with them in front and rear trouser pockets.
The reports come just after an insurance company claimed that the new iPhones are the most robust ever – though its tests didn’t include bending.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus chassis is milled from a solid piece of aluminium alloy whose composition is secret. The weak area of the phone appears to be around the volume buttons, where the frame is at its thinnest and creates a fulcrum point around which the phone bends. Surprisingly, the screen does not break when the phone bends – though it does if the phone is then bent back to a flat profile.

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Steve Ballmer Wrote The Infamous Error Message

The Blue Screen of Death (also known as a stop error, bluescreen, Blue Screen of Doom, BSoD, bug check screen or Stop screen ) is an error screen displayed after a fatal system error.

BSoDs have been present in all Windows-based operating systems since Windows 3.1. (See History of Microsoft Windows.) BSoDs can be caused by poorly written device drivers or malfunctioning hardware, such as faulty memory, power supply issues, overheating of components, or hardware running beyond its specification limits. In the Windows 9x era, incompatible DLLs or bugs in the operating system kernel could also cause BSoDs.

Blue screen saved your computer from permanent damage. Often times when there was corruption in a file it gave you a chance to recover your drives before losing all of your persistent data as well as what was in open unsaved files.

According to a blog post from Microsoft developer Raymond Chen (via The Verge), the text from that famous blue screen was written by none other than Steve Ballmer, the bombastic ex-CEO of Microsoft.

Chen says Ballmer was head of Microsoft’s system division when he paid a visit to the Windows team. And when he saw Control-Alt-Delete and the original text for the Blue Screen of Death, he said, "This is nice, but I don’t like the text of the message. It doesn’t sound right to me.”

According to Chen, someone from the Windows team challenged Ballmer to write a better message if he thought he could do a better job — and he did. Chen says Ballmer’s text “went into the product pretty much word for word.”

Here is that text, courtesy of Chen:

It has changed significantly to provide the stop code and a message of the type of error.

 Windows 9X BSOD


Windows XP BSOD :

Windows 8 BSOD with  sad emoticon

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Attack on Titan : Shingeki no Kyojin Windows Theme Pack

 Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin?, lit. "Advancing Giants") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series began serialization in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine on September 9, 2009, and has been collected into 14 tankōbon volumes as of August 8, 2014. It is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by enormous walls as a defense against the Titans, gigantic humanoid creatures who devour humans seemingly without reason. The story initially centers on Eren Yeager, his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their childhood friend Armin Arlert, who join the military to fight the Titans after their home town is invaded and Eren's mother is eaten. As the story progresses, the truth behind the origin of the Titans arises and the story shifts to one about political subterfuge.

Attack on Titan has become a commercial success, with 40 million volumes in print as of July 2014.The release of the anime also saw a boost in the series' popularity, with it having received critical acclaim for its atmosphere and story. Although it also gained fame in neighboring Asian countries, the series' themes have been a subject of controversy.

System Requirtments

Operating System : Windows 7,home Premium,professional,ultimate 32bit and 64bit Pacth Installed :

-Universal theme patched Your windows 7


  • Wallpapers : 14
  • Start Menu Background : 4
  • Explorer Background :2
  • DreamScene : No
  • Start Orb : No
  • Sound : Yes
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Step by Step Verify your PayPal using Gcash GCash American Express Virtual Pay

PayPal is a service that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Transacting parties will not see the other's credit card or bank information. The user has to entrust his card/payment details with PayPal, who in turn keeps this information confidential, allowing the user to transact securely online.

PayPal is not a GCash service. It is its own service, but it accepts GCash American Express Virtual Pay account enrollment.

Verifying your PayPal account means that sending, receiving, and withdrawal limits will be lifted. Now you can send unlimited payments with your Paypal Account.

You just need to provide your PayPal account and the merchant will proceed to deduct it from your GCash AmEx Virtual Pay account. With your account, you can buy products from ebay.com and other international online stores, purchase web domains from GoDaddy, send and receive money from other PayPal users, and even buy in-game credits for your favorite online games.

There are no special requirements for PayPal enrollment. Just make sure you have an active GCash American Express Virtual Pay account.

To access PayPal, simply go to www.paypal.com and start creating your own PayPal account.

To sign-up for a Globe GCash account (if you still don’t have one) which you can easily do through your phone by dialing *143. Another method you can use to register is to download the official GCash app for Android and iPhone.

STEP 1: Log in to your PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, create one and register under your real name, your real Philippine residential address, and your active Globe contact number.

STEP 2: Go to "Profile" and then select "Add/Edit Credit Card".

STEP 3: Add your GCash American Express Virtual Pay details.
- Select "American Express" on Card Type.
- Add your GCash AmEx card number and expiration date.

- Add your 4-digit card verification number, also known as CVV or CVC.

STEP 4: At the Billing Address section, select "Enter a new address as billing address" then add your GCash AmEx US address. Leave the Country option as is (Philippines), and click on "Add Card".

STEP 5: Go back to ‘Overview" and then click "Get Verified".
You will be charged USD 1.95 (approximately PHP 87.75 on a USD 1.00 = PHP 45.00 exchange rate for example) for the verification process and will receive an SMS confirmation message. Don't worry, this amount will be refunded later.

A 4-digit verification code will be generated for your account in 2-3 days.

STEP 6: Send an email to gcashinquiries@globe.com.ph with the following format:
Subject: "GCash AMEX – Paypal"
Message: 4-digit PayPal verification code request: (Your registered Globe/TM mobile phone number),
(Your GCash American Virtual Pay card number)

STEP 7: After receiving your 4-digit PayPal verification code, log in again to your PayPal account and click "Get Verified".

A dialog screen will then appear; enter your PayPal code. If it doesn't appear, click on "Enter PayPal Code" right under the Action menu. A congratulatory dialog screen will then appear after a successful code input.

STEP 8: Your GCash American Express Virtual Pay account is now PayPal verified.

With a verified account, you can proceed to transact with all online establishments that support PayPal. You can receive money, and have all account limits lifted. Your verification fee will also be refunded.

Again to verify your account, simply send an email to gcashinquiries@globe.com.ph requesting for your 4-digit code 2-3 days after adding and confirming your GCash American Express Virtual Pay to your PayPal account.

For More Info visit : http://www.globe.com.ph/help/gcash/amex/paypal

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blognizend, Updated at: 11:19 AM
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