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Ask Google where your phone is

Have you lost or forget where did you put Phone?
Instead of searching your phone everywhere, just ask Google where your phone is, and the search engine giant will answer you the exact place where you left your smartphone.

 Google has discharged another highlight to scan for your lost phone or tablet.

 Google unveiled a new feature on Wednesday that lets you search for your Android smartphone or tablet using the search engine on your desktop computer.

How does it work?

Log-in to the same Google account on your desktop computer’s browser that you use on your Android smartphone, but before that make sure you must have the latest version of the Google app installed on your smartphone. Touch Update if not updated.

Now type "Find my phone" into Google's search engine, and that’s it.

If you have more Device than one you can Choose which one your want to locate..

As soon as you press the enter or ALLOW button click Accept button , Google will contact and display a map that eventually shows you a location on the map that is accurate to a certain distance, as for example, the map showed me the location of my smartphone was accurate to 12 meters.

 However, what if your phone is not visible to you?

Google also offers you a Ring button on the map in order to pinpoint your phone.
You just need to click on Ring icon and the search engine giant will ring your smartphone at full volume for up to five minutes. Moreover, once you hand on it, simply press the power button to turn off the ringing.

Known as Android Device Manager can also help you locate and ring your Android devices. 
Tested :P

 Also in case your Android device has been stolen, this feature helps you to factory reset your device remotely and reset the password if the device is recovered or erase its data.

Press Set Lock and Erase  You  can change the screen lock and erase all data

Having Trouble ?

Link your Android phone

Step 1: Update the Google app

  1. On your phone, go to the Google app page on the Play Store.
  2. Touch Update.



Step 2: Turn on Google Now

  1. On your phone, open the Google app .
  2. In the top left corner, touch the Menu icon menu icon > Settings > Now cards
  3. Turn on Show cards.
  4. Turn on Show notifications.



Step 3: Turn on Web & App Activity

  1. Visit the Account History page.
  2. Make sure the switch is on (green/blue).

Visit : https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6128427?p=find_android&rd=1#findmyphone

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 1:06 AM

Like Box plugin is deprecated and will stop working on June 23rd 2015

Like Box plugin is deprecated and will stop working on June 23rd 2015

In a post on its page for developers, the social networking giant suggested that they start using the new Page Plugin instead.

"With the release of Graph API v2.3, the Like Box plugin is deprecated and will stop working on June 23rd 2015. Use the new Page Plugin instead. The Page Plugin allows you to embed a simple feed of content from a Page into your websites," it said.

Like Box is a special version of the Like Button designed only for Facebook Pages.
Old LikeButton

It allows administrators to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into other sites.

Latest Page Plugin with Feeds  I already use this plugin before but it eats a lot space and makes my website slow.

Check my latest  Like Box : http://www.blogmytuts.net/2015/04/facebook-pop-out-page-like-box-with.html


Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 12:58 AM

Philippines Internet Provider Wimax and ADSL Router Modem Vulnerable to Remote Hacking

More than 700,000 ADSL routers distributed around the world, including in the Philippines, have a directory traversal flaw in their webproc.cgi firmware modules, which can be used by remote attackers to extract data, including admin credentials and configuration settings, from the router’s config.xml file.

Using a free IP scanner you can scan unlimited  IP address  which you can open via port 80 or Web Browser  Port 22 for Telnet Access  Port 23 for SSH Port 443 for https access.

What will happen if your modem is being remote.

1. Your Internet  User Account Mac Address  can be clone and use it to reconnect disconnected modem which can be also  sell.
2. Sudden Change of Internet Speed , the  attacker  can switch your account to a lower speed . Imagine you having  10 mbps  and it drops to 2mbps.. If you have a Internet Shop this is headache.
3. Remotely Firmware Destroyed , this one is a fatal  for Wimax Modem of Globe and Smart Telecom you need a new modem. ( illegally can be repair )

Three Giant Internet Service Provider  in the Philippines   



 Globe Telecom

The most well known hacking now is Wimax Internet,  since  2009  to this day Globe Telecom Wimax  are easily to remote and generate  Mac  Address . Globe Telecom change its  authentication when it change or upgrade new Modem and Firmware. 

Their latest wimax modem are Green Packet  known for OD Mac address and Simbase 
Huawei LTE Modem  a Sim base  can be  Unlocked 

However old Wimax modem like 622,  622i, 622m, 623m are still working they can be reconnect by changing mac address  via telnet and change authentication. New authentication have different password unlike the  2008 to 2014 the password is same of the user ID.

Advance user of Globe Wimax  or Unlimted internet seller  use customize firmware or config to protect their modem from remote access

Globe ADSL can be remote  get the user id and password  or switch the  account you can even change WiFi password remotely . They have 2 modem Prolink and Aztech. They have latest firmware  that disabled to view the password.


First Canopy  user  from Motorola remotely  access can be clone the mac , color code and transfer to a disconnected Smart Canopy. Until they upgrade firmware and change the user name Remote Access this kind of modem is a little hard and long process to do so.

Smart Mybro and PLDT HomeBro Green Packet modem can be remotely access and can be reconnect by change mac method. PLDT and Smart Change their authentication the use key certificate and pempem key method  and upgrade their firmware. Hacker found a way to copy these authentication certificate and key via remote ssh or telnet.

These modem can be change Firmware and its amazing it can also connect to Globe Frequency yes this modem can be connect to Globe Network.



Can be remote access by default admin  can view user account old modem and transfer to other modem.
WiFi password is hackable if default password has not change.
They always upgrade there modem  latest  modem firmware like PLDT Fibr PLDT Home DSL  can not view user  account password , but still i can be remotely access.

Tips How to Protect your Modem
1. Change the default Admin and password
2. Change your default WiFi password
3. For Wimax user Disabled all WAN port

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 12:57 AM

Google Data Saver Extension

Google want to save its users' bandwidth at home. The company has released a "Data Saver extension for Chrome," bringing its data compression feature for its desktop users for the first time.
While tethering to a mobile Hotspot for Internet connection for your laptop, this new Data Saver extension for Chrome helps you reduce bandwidth usage by compressing the pages you visit over the Internet.

If you are unaware of it, the data compression proxy service by Google is designed to save users' bandwidth, load pages faster, and increase security (by checking for malicious web pages) on your smartphones and tablets.


Until now, the data compression service has been meant to benefit only mobile users, but the latest Data Saver Chrome Extension aims at helping desktop users by reducing their data usage by as much as 50 percent.
"Reduces data usage [bandwidth] by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit," the extension's official description reads. "Browse more for less! When this [Data Saver] extension is enabled, Chrome will use Google servers to compress [web] pages you visit before downloading them."
When you visit a website, web server delivers the requested files to your browser. If enabled by the server, Gzip compresses web pages and style sheets before sending them over to the browser.
Gzip compression drastically reduces transfer time since the files are much smaller.
Data Saver Extension for Chrome checks if the website you visited has gzip enabled or not. If not, it compresses the requested web page via Google Data Compression proxy and makes it significantly smaller.

"The proxy performs intelligent compression and minification of HTML, JavaScript and CSS resources, which removes unnecessary whitespace, comments, and other metadata which is not essential to the rendering of the page. These optimizations, combined with mandatory gzip compression for all resources, can yield substantial bandwidth savings for the client." Google explains.


The Data Saver Chrome extension currently doesn't support secure SSL pages or incognito pages, and Google notes that users may experience issues when they have enabled the extension. Data Saver is available on Chrome both for Android as well as iOS.

User will need Chrome 41 or higher version to use the extension. As soon as you install it, the extension starts to work by default. In case you want to disable it, click on the Data Saver icon in the menu bar and select "Turn Off Data Saver."

You can now download Google's new Data Saver extension for Chrome, which is currently in beta version, from the Chrome Web Store. The extension was released on March 23, without any announcement from the search engine giant.

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 10:22 PM

California Malibu ECO-BIKE

MALIBU ECO-BIKE a Segway  two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle designed to transport a single person.

Mostly used in the country by security personnel on spacious, mid- to high-end malls.

The California Malibu is said to offer the same experience at a lower cost.


LCD Screen for battery Level
Alloy Wheel Set
Leen Steer Frame Height Adjuster
Turning Pipe
Safe Alarm System
Smart Balancing 

Specs :

Rated Power: 1500 watts (2*750w/pc)
Rated Voltage: 36v
Battery Capacity" 12Ah (3pcs. 12V 12Ah battery
Battery Type: Lead-Acid
Charging Time: 5-8 hours
Max Climbing Capability: 30degree
Load Capacity: 125Kg
Speed: Up to 18km/h
Riding Distnace: Up to 25 km
Tire" 19*7-8 Tubeless Off-road Tire
Motor Type: Brush DC motor
Gross Weight: 66Kg

Posted by: Jaime
blognizend, Updated at: 10:20 PM
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